Wednesday 19 December 2012

Foundation Pieced Quilts - End of term, show and tell.

Yesterday Foxy Quilters celebrated the end of term with a Christmas party and 'Show and Tell'. Lots of these ladies attend my Tuesday morning classes and the photos show their completed (or nearly completed) foundation pieced quilts.

This first quilt belongs to Marion. It is a medallion style quilt.

 Same quilt, but slightly different, by Sue. Only Sue and Marion chose the sampler quilt, everyone else opting for the sampler quilts.

 Val's blue and white sampler quilt
 Sylvia's very colourful sampler - destined for her motor home.
 Chris's quilt, lovely muted shades.
 Di's sampler with piano key border. She disliked these fabrics to begin with but is really pleased with the result.
 Liz's pink sampler, no borders yet but looking lovely. Liz is exploring the 'quilt as you go' method.
 Maureen's stained glass sampler quilt. Batiks have worked brilliantly for this.
Angela's sampler made with William Morris fabrics.

Lovely quilts! Next term we will be exploring circular blocks!